Class Descriptions

Heated Hatha *NEW*

Heated Yoga is a phenomenal way of assisting the body deeper into postures.


Unlocking potential in the muscles as well as adding increased flexibility, this heated yoga practice will guide you through strength-building postures and finishing with a delicious meditation.


Hatha is a traditional style of yoga known for its longer holds, allowing you to breathe deeper and find space in postures. Add the heat to flush out toxins from the body's systems and you'll leave feeling fresh and new!


Our studio is heated using fan heaters, meaning we'll only ever reach a maximum of 32 degrees. This level of heat is manageable for most practitioners.


Bring water, a towel and a big smile!


All abilities welcome.


Beginners Yoga

Yoga is suitable and available for every single person on the planet, with no exceptions!


Don't believe us? Come and see for yourself!  Join us on the mat for a gentle introduction to Yoga.


With lots of props, adjustments and modifications with a slower paced flow, postures and breath work will be taught thoroughly and safely. A restful, relaxing and encouraging perfect start to your Yogic journey.

You don't need to bring anything except a smile and something cosy to wear!

Everybody and every body welcome!

Restful Evening Flow

A luxurious, flowing and restful evening yoga class, set to flickering candlelight, gently encouraging the body to soften and relax ready for sleep.


With a focus on breath work (Pranayama) and gentle meditation practices, this class will prepare the body and mind for a wonderful nights sleep.

Suitable for all abilities. 

Dreamtime *New*

Tuck yourself in and get snuggled up for Dreamtime.


A blend of Restorative Yoga, Slow Flow and Yoga Nidra to fully rest and restore the body and mind. You will be lead on a journey within your own consciousness. Your awareness will be taken to different body parts, sensations in the body, emotions, senses, intentions, imagery etc.


This rotation of consciousness and awareness takes us into a deeply relaxed state between sleeping and wakefulness called 'Yogic Sleep'. It’s hugely restful and has many researched benefits on combatting stress, anxiety, sleeping difficulties, fatigue, and much more.


Suitable for everybody!

Slow Flow

A slow but strong yoga class where each movement is connected with the breath, flowing between strength and flexibility.


Starting off with a slow grounding warm-up before moving into a challenging but fun sequence designed to get the body moving and the mind focused.


Expect to work up a sweat before releasing into a lovely and well deserved savasana - leaving you energised and refreshed.


Suitable for all abilities, a perfect stepping stone for beginners interested in Vinyasa!

Ballet Flow & Barre

Ballet Flow is the fusion of breath and the body through the medium of classical dance and contemporary movement.


This fluid class will start with a refreshing barre based warm-up, moving into controlled centre sequences and will finish with a restful cool down.


Join Sophie for an energising flow that seamlessly unites strength and flexibility through elegant movements.


Ballet is a phenomenal work-out for the body and mind, encompassing grace, control, discipline and energy into moving effortlessly.


This ballet-style barre class is suitable for all abilities, no ballet or dance experience necessary, come and have a go!

Vinyasa Flow

"Vinyasa - To place or move with mindful intention"


To join movement with breath, Vinyasa Flow is a beautiful and joyful style of yoga, seamlessly fusing movement to breath pattern to encourage the body and mind into a deep state of relaxation and awareness. 


Join us for an energising, heated and dynamic evening flow class. Stimulating and quite cardiovascular in nature deeming it suitable for a slightly more experienced practitioner.  


Some knowledge of lingo, anatomy and alignment is necessary.

Beginner/Intermediate upwards. 

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is the most ancient practice of Yoga.


Dating back over 5000 years this class blends traditional Yoga practice with philosophy, meditation, breath and body work.


Hatha is known for slightly longer holds in postures, allowing you to deepen and find space for the breath.


Build strength, flexibility, compassion and courage.


Suitable for all abilities and practitioners, great for those seeking a deeper understanding of Yogic Philosophy. 

Teen Yoga

Young people have got so much going on nowadays. With social media, smart phones and exams there is an overload of stress signals on their developing nervous systems!


Join us for a fun and empowering Yoga class put together for teenagers (11+).


Chilled out and relaxed, designed to bring awareness back to the body and rest the mind. Using fun games and music to learn postures, breathing techniques and gentle mini-meditations, this class will be soft and soothing with some seriously chilled out vibes.


Structured to help young people learn important relaxation techniques, confidence and empowerment.


PS - no phones allowed!

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